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Tothpal Tomi - Photography


Branding project (more like re-branding) for an experienced photographer.

Every year I choose a project, a business for a pro bono branding/rebranding cause. This time I've selected Tomi's business who is a well known and appreciated photographer. 

The symbol is inspired by his initials T and T plus the focus grid found in every camera's viewfinder. A custom slab serif type created for the name, carefully shaped, and kerned for a fluid and balanced aspect of the whole logo.


"Don't just follow trends, create them"

TT logo was included in logolounge's 2016 Logo Trends in the "Corners" section. You can watch at the end of this presentation a short clip with Bill Gardner from logolounge talking about logos and trends, including TT logo


 LogoLounge: 2016 Logo Trends