“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
- Leonardo da Vinci - 


Ampro Design Consultants

Ampro was founded in November 2005 and, until 2008, it worked as a creative shop, but in 2008 there were some changes (worldwide, in the industry) and Ampro decided to focus only on the packaging & brand design area. Today Ampro is one of the best packaging design agencies in Romania and not only with over 37 international awards (and counting), admired and recognized by professionals from all over the world.


Ampro was perceived as being just a packaging design company and not a strategic branding consultancy, also the previous brand identity was lacking consistency.


Make the audience perceive Ampro as a complete strategic branding consultancy;

A new brand identity that reflects the new brand positioning;

Gain credibility & trustworthiness in corporate branding expertise also. 


The new wordmark logo built on the new strategy and creative idea incorporates in the first letter, a stylized airplane wing, which can be used also as an icon in the new, refreshed brand.

Strategy & Creative idea

The strategy was to build on Ampro’s mantra: “Exceed expectations”. 

“The flight: Uplifting!" Uplifting in terms of solutions and in terms of results. So, the big idea was exactly what inspired Ampro: the beauty of airplanes, the meticulous and precise avionics, and the rigorousness that surrounds flight. 


uplifting - slogan - a typographic exploration - at the end we decided to stylize the handwriting of the founder & creative director, Irinel Ionescu.

One year after the rebranding, the percentage of corporate branding projects increased from 10% (from total turnover) to 30%.

Immediately after the implementation of the rebranding, there was an instant boost inside the company, people feeling inspired by the new brand platform and identity (imagine how one feels to be a part of an aviation crew).


Close-ups, details


Business cards with 600g paper


A series of illustrations were created by our illustrator, Diana L. Barbu for decorating purposes, like tote bags, windows, covers for Ampro's portfolio brochure...


Some other images of our look and feel, working process, interior design, and sketches.

Website - landing page



Strategy: Sorin Axinte / Glue
Client Service Director: Mihaela Dumitrescu
Creative Director: Irinel Ionescu
Senior designer: Lehel Mor Mako
Junior designer: Diana L. Barbu
Account Manager: Alex Patru
Prepress specialist: Adrian Garganciuc